Multi Device Preview & Gallery

Multi Device Preview & Gallery gives you an accurate preview of your game for multiple devices, resolutions, and aspects, at a glance .

Using more than 200 device presets and more than 40 full device preview, create a game that works correctly on all devices and resolutions . Use the popularity presets to focus on the most popular devices or resolutions of your target platforms.

No more bad surprises, no more tedious checks, no need to buy dozens of devices.
This is the very essential tool for developers, which will save you a lot of time!

This package comes with all the features of Ultimate Screenshot Creator , the most complete and customizable screenshot creator.

• Use the Gallery to preview your game at several resolutions, aspects, and devices at a glance .

• (NEW) Full device preview for more than 40 devices, to get a good idea of what your game looks like on the most popular devices, including

RequirementsEditor Extension (one license per seat)This extension requires one license per seat.Package contents 19.3 MB
Total file size 19.3 MB
Number of files 564
Releases current ver.
Current released May 22, 2019
Original released Mar 10, 2017
Supported Unity versions 5.0.0 or higher
Package has been submitted using Unity 5.0.0.
Support website Publisher website

“please buy the package to support the developer”

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