Super Multiplayer Shooter Template

Jump-start your new multiplayer project with this easy-to-use 2D platformer shooter template!

Includes features commonly found in competitive multiplayer shooters such as…

✅ Matchmaking & custom

✅ Smooth weapon system

✅ AI

✅ Flexible camera system

✅ Timed deathmatch gameplay

✅ Leaderboard & scoreboard

✅ Multi kill system

✅ Character cosmetics

✅ Item pickups & power-ups

✅ Interactable world elements

…and many more! It is simple so you can modify it easily, yet solid making your game efficient and stable. It contains everything you need to get started, not to mention it also supports mobile devices out of the box! Get this template now and receive future updates for free!


“please buy the package to support the developer”

Download :



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